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The RaceM is made by ET-Air Slovakia S.R.O. based in Martin, Slovakia

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ET-Air have choosen to put the RaceM production on hold. We will continue to support the RaceM by offering parts for some time.





These are pages dedicated to the legendary RaceM, a high performance RC competition glider.

This model has been successful for a decade now and we think it will continue to do so over the coming years.

The Swedes who designed the wing knew what they where doing and together with some changes like a new fuselage designed by Danish F3B international, Jan Hansen we will continue to produce a limited number of the RaceM for the next couple of years


Only one version will be made to make sure the quality can be maintained to our high standard. Take a look under Prices and order and the version we offer is stated there.


We will gather the best pictures and put them in the pictures folder so you will have a chance to see better what we are offering.





The cross tail version offers supreme stability and very good handling, simply what you want of a F3F model. With these qualities results will come! Guaranteed!