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The RaceM is made by ET-Air Slovakia S.R.O. based in Martin, Slovakia

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Joakim Stahl, Matthias Hammarskiöld  and  Stefan Wahlberg from Sweden developed the Racemachine for the 1999 season. It was made for Europian conditions in mind but they also used it in the 1999 World Championship F3B. They were not particularly successful the first year and many thought they had gone the wrong way when choosing a relatively small wingspan compared to the trend at the time. They faced some problems in the beginning but there were never doubt in their minds that they had a winner. After the Championship they made a longer fuselage for the V-tail and then a cross-tail. The extreme wing shape gave tremendous lift for the winch start and was clearly a big factor. But the flying characteristics in both distance and speed also gave them something extra. Thermal duration was never a problem with this design. Suddenly the Racemachine became easy to master and they began to win competitions with it. 
In the 2001 F3B World Championship Sweden managed 3rd. place in the teams classification. 
Pasi Vaisanen made the podium (3rd) at the F3J World Championship in 2002.

Before the 2003 World Championship F3B in Germany they made the wingspan 20 cm longer and both Pasi Vaisanen and Joakim Stahl came very close to winning the Championship. They ended up 3rd in the Team competitions together with Henrik Karhusaari, who also flew an old Race Machine. This surely made it clear that the Swedes once again proved their capabilities. Pasi Vaisanen holds the current unofficial F3B speed record with 13.87 set in the Eurotour in Finland in 2003. In the same competition Joakim won with the big Racemachine.



I can think of many reasons that might help you choose.

  • First of all and most important, this plane is just outright good to fly! It handles really well and can be set up in different modes by adjusting the centre of gravity. Take it far back and it gets very sensitive and very responsive on the elevator, but be careful, tip stall may occur in this mode. Adjust the CG to a more normal setting and the RaceM behaves very smoothly and gentle. Still you can have a lot of fun with it. (I took this from the Compact pages but it is the same for the RaceM)
  • The Swedes has proven that this design belong to the top class. The fact that it holds the current F3B speed record and at the same time does so well in F3J shows it's truly multitask talent. We will also see that it will do well in F3F also, it is just a matter of time! Greg Dakin from UK has now done very well with his F3F version in different F3F comps. Winning the 2004 Welsh Open in fine style over 13 rounds!
  • Watching Joakim Stahl flying the distance task in F3B is truly amazing. He almost never looses the task and he makes the tightest turns and with such control that makes you wonder how it is possible.