ET-Air RaceM












The RaceM is made by ET-Air Slovakia S.R.O. based in Martin, Slovakia












Here will come among others, Greg Dakin's many achievements with RaceMs. As a semi sponsered pilot of ET-Air, Greg has flown all variants over the years from the MK I to the experimental RaceM Ultimate to the newest MK2 with X-tail, also known as the RaceMx. He has won the Welsh Open 2004, British Nationals 2007 & FTD, many national F3F events and set several hill records with these models. At the super-fast 2008 Welsh Woollyback's event, Greg set FTD with a 32.03 flying the RaceMx.


And not to forget the fastest RaceM ever flown by Dave Watson at Bishop Hill, Scotland in the autumn of 2008. 31.xx is not so bad!


Espen won the Eurotour F3F with his RaceM (most contests)  in 2007 and 2008 with MK1 and MK2.


Rolf Inge Waaga won the Norwegian Championship F3F 2007 with his MK1.


Marian Maslo won the VR2008 with RaceM wings attached to an Acacia fuselage.