ET-Air RaceM












The RaceM is made by ET-Air Slovakia S.R.O. based in Martin, Slovakia










We have decided to make only one version of the RaceM. For the time beeing we only deliver the X-tail version called the RaceMx


The current layup:


Glass/carbon 93, herex sandwich material, glass. Main spare is made of up to 5 layers of herex laminated with glass + high quality Unidirectional carbon over and under the spar. 4 glass tubes are fitted in front and behind the main spar for ballast they can hold up to 1200grams. Empty weight of each wing panel is ca 640grams.



Glass, carbon, kevlar mix,  empty weight ca 340grams



Glass, balsa sandwich material, glass with a carbon tube for spar.


You can choose colours from the order form. Standard layout as seen here:

It is an asymetrical design with the RaceM logo incorporated on the right wing half. You can just see that Greg is happy :-) with his RaceMx


The kit is delivered with a carbon joiner made of high quality Unidirectional carbon. It also comes with a small set of small parts like brass control horns for flaps and ailerons (4pcs) and Simprop wing connectors.

The fuselage is made ready with elevator and rudder pushrods.







Building Instructions

CG: 110mm to 118mm from LE


Control throws are very induvidual and this is just a guideline for a setup that will work.

All throws

         Elevator: 10mm up/down (measured at tip of tailplane)
8mm  (measured at tip of tailplane)
         Aileron (up):
15mm (measured at tip of wing)
         Aileron (down): 7mm (measured at tip of wing)

Aileron (up):
10mm (measured at tip of wing)
Flap (down):
28mm (measured at root of wing)
Elevator (down): 4mm (measured at tip of tailplane)

         Flap mix (up) to 100% aileron: 4mm (measured at root of wing)

         Flap mix (down) to 100% aileron: 2mm (measured at root of wing)

         Camber (Thermal):
Elevator (up):
1mm (measured at tip of tailplane)
Flap (down):
8mm (measured at root of wing)            
Aileron (down): 3mm (measured at tip of wing)

         Camber (Speed):
Elevator: 0mm
Flap (up):
2mm (measured at root of wing)
Aileron (up):
1mm (measured at tip of wing)     

         Aileron/Rudder mix:
Rudder (up/down):
3mm to 100% aileron